Welcome to Drive!

Open to golfers, aspiring golfers and complete beginners DRIVE! aims to provide a healthy way of networking whilst introducing beginners to the game.  This is an exclusive female group that allows business networking along with an introduction to golf in a relaxed environment.

The group meets monthly and offers a mix of beginner and improver lessons at the Norwich Family Golf Centre near the Norfolk Showground.  The aim is to eventually introduce buddy competitions on the nine hole course to introduce novice players to the course with the support of more experienced players; and in the future to hold an 18 hole Charity Golf Day where members can choose to participate if they wish.  Members will have the opportunity to benefit from an introduction to the basic rules, golf etiquette and access to a ‘quick tip golf clinic’ with an elite professional or amateur female golfer.

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Give Us A Try!

If you have been thinking about taking up golf but haven’t had the confidence to try – or if you are a more seasoned female golfer who wants to improve your game before you accept an invitation to a corporate golf day, this is the group for you!  We believe that we provide women golfers with an alternative introduction to the game than has been available in the past, offering a relaxed, comfortable place to meet as well as the opportunity to learn to play and for experienced golfers to improve their game.

We hope to see you at the driving range or course soon!

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