Message from the Pro!

Good afternoon ladies

I am delighted the weather held off long enough for the May event.

I am very mindful that most of our golf lessons have been spent working on general technique, almost neglecting the short game despite it being the centre of all good players games  and the so often cause of bad scores!  However, seeing that more and more of you have been playing and getting a nice routine outside of each meeting I intend to work very hard on improving the “scoring end of the game”.

That said bunker play, pitching and chip and run shots will feature over the next couple of events.

The golden rule is two putts maximum.  Take some time on the practice putting green and keep working toward that goal.  If you cannot remember all the tips from the session, email or call and I will help.  In summary, a fantastic afternoon in May – putting was a welcome tonic by all accounts and I trust a few specific tips and practice drills I offered individually should be the start of less putts per game.

I am so pleased with the success we are all enjoying with DRIVE but can not re iterate enough, I am the my staff will do all we can to help your golf progress, all you need to do is ask us.  If any DRIVE members would like help with a specific area of their game and development, please either email directly at  or call 01603 740979.Look forward to seeing you all on June 15th!